Increasing the dialogue among stakeholders in New Jersey’s special education system

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Have you ever read a great article, gone to a great meeting or attended a conference and thought…

“Gee, wouldn’t it be great if more _______  (general education teachers, parents, legislators, speech therapists, para professionals…) knew about this.”


“Wouldn’t it be great if more people shared ideas with each other?”

We agree!

And since almost 15% of the students in New Jersey have a disability, the New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities (NJCDD) has a strong interest in helping to promote greater awareness and action.

That is why, since 1992, Common Ground, a project of the NJCDD, has been reaching out to a broad range of stakeholders to share information about issues that affect students with disabilities.

Our readers include parents, teachers, school board members, law makers, policy wonks, lawyers, school nurses, students, private school leaders, guidance counselors, therapists and private practitioners, superintendents and more. We make a point to reach out to ALL the stakeholders to encourage dialogue and discussion, and to share information across disciplines.

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